APRIL 2015

President: Betty Wilson
Vice President: Rivka Felsher
Secretary: Joan Carew
Assistant Secretary: Susan Renick
Treasurer: Barbara Dobay
Assistant Treasurer: Open
Advisor: Marge Eaton
Membership: Open
Webmaster: Betty Wilson
Hospitality: Gail Erickson
Publicity: Betty Wilson


Craft Gallery
5911 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Fl 33405
Phone 585-7744
9 blocks North of Forest Hill Blvd.
On the West side of Dixie Highway

This month, the league is pleased to present Nzingah Oniwosan as our guest metal clay artist. She is an award winning visual artist, jewelry designer, published poet, African and Haitian dancer, raw foods chef and yoga instructor! She has been a full-time teaching artist for the past 10 years and worked with a host of various organizations, such as VSA Arts FL and the Miami Children's Museum, just to name a few. Her work has been published in the Sun Sentinel, Arts and Culture Magazine and Essence. Nzingah is also artist-in-residence for the Broward County School Board. Many of you may know of her as an instructor at The Armory in West Palm Beach.
She writes that metal clay takes the long practiced science of metallurgy and re-introduces it to the world as our newest eco-friendly fine metal art. Working with it, frees the artist of the cost or mechanical inhibitions of some of the more traditional metal-smithing practices. Nzingah will, for her demonstration, introduce us to a few of these metal clays and share how they are being used to create beautiful jewelry and unique works of art.

************HEY MEMBERS**************
YOUR LEAGUE needs YOUR help!!!!

A vice president; computer person and someone to help with membership are needed now! Betty, our amazing President, takes on too much; fills in too many jobs. Her board helps at much as they can but life would go much smoother with one or two more HELPFUL members. Call Nancy at 309-781-6658
Nominations will be called for at the April Meeting.
Elections at the June meeting.


MAY 20TH monthly meeting will be presented by Nazare Feliciano, a ceramics member, native of Portugal and professor of ceramics at Palm Beach State College.
Nazare is also leading a workshop to Portugal May 30th to June 14th.
For more information: email her at felicianonazare@gmail.com or call her on her cell: 561 568 0581

JURYING will take place April 15, 2015. Please bring your work to the Craft Gallery that day. Be sure to follow all the rules as clearly specified on the CLPB web site or in the current roster. You will then become an EXHIBITING member and be privileged to show and sell at CLPB functions.


APRIL 15th meeting, TBA, Nominating committee formed.
APRIL 17th Artisans on the Ave
Opening Reception Friday April 17, 2015 6-9pm
Free and open to the public
MAY 20th meeting, Nazarre Feliciano,"Clouds"
JUNE 17th meeting, Election of Officers

October 5th, 10- 3pm "MEMBER APPRECIATION WORKSHOP" Free to all current members! Workshop artist TBA

November 6--15 LA MESA-PLACE SETTINGS- . CLPB Show at the Artisans on the Ave. in Lake Worth. It can be a plate, bowl and mug; a breakfast set; a dessert set. It can be clay, glass or both; decorative or functional. Get busy this summer! Application fee: $25. Your work will be for sale. 70% will go to you.

HOLIDAY BAZAAR- Early December. Small gifts, jewelry, Christmas decorations, stocking stuffers. More information in May newsletter.

Next month, Nancy Thompson will be assembling our newsletter.
If you've got an announcement you'd like to get published: Click to send it to Nancy Thompson by E-mail to rthomp8534@aol.com.

Don’t forget to keep checking the CLPB website: www.ceramicleaguepalmbeaches.org